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Preparing Your Home For Professional Photography

To achieve the best results, Less is more & is best with only minimum furnitures & decorations. Moving all the clutter to areas like the garage, storage, laundry or smaller room is ideal where it’s not going to be photographed. Also leaving all the lights/lamps ON and blinds up would be helpful.


House Photography

✔️ Open all blinds and drapes

✔️ Turn on all lights & lamps, replace burnt-out light bulbs

✔️ Remove excess clutter, vacuum, clean and mop tiles

✔️ Wash windows inside and out

Living Areas

Living Areas

✔️ Unclutter the rooms

✔️ Remote controls to be stored away

✔️ Hide power boards & cords out of sight where possible

✔️ Arrange furniture so the rooms look as spacious as possible

✔️ Remove throws rugs and area rugs where possible

✔️ Study – clear & declutter desk, straighten items on a bookshelf, file papers away

✔️ Toy Room – organize & declutter


Kitchen Photography

✔️ Counters to be clean, uncluttered, and clean of appliances and utensils

✔️ Kitchen sink to be free of dishes

✔️ Remove magnets, photos, calendars, etc from the refrigerator

✔️ Task away tea towels

✔️ Clear up everything from the kitchen bench except the microwave, coffee machine, flowers & decorations

Bathrooms & En Suit

Bathrooms Photography

✔️ Clear Countertops

✔️ Polish faucets and mirrors

✔️ Remove stains from sinks, grout, and bathtubs

✔️ Clear away any personal items & cleaning products

✔️ Remove all towels & toilet paper roll

✔️ The toilet seat lid closed


Bed Room Photography

✔️ Make the beds with fresh, clean linen possibly bright colour

✔️ Clean out anything from under the beds that are visible

✔️ Bedside tables to be decluttered. i.e. tissue boxes, remote controls, alarm clocks, jewelry

Front Area, Gardens & Outdoors

Gardens & Outdoors Photography

✔️ Move vehicles out of view from the front of the house

✔️ Paving & Sidewalks Cleared, swept & weeds removed

✔️ Rubbish bins and garden hoses are to be stored out of sight

✔️ Cleaning/Mowing the lawn

✔️ Manicuring the garden is essential

Client Tesimonials

What our clients says

Excellent service at affordable rates, Very reliable, attention to detail and on-time delivery means I can deliver on time. 👍👍
Zeth grant (Director, John B grant)
“The final product was great! I am very pleased with their professional service and quality photography. Highly recommended.”
Gavin Belcci (Director, Starr Partners)
Arpan and his team of photographers & videographers are 2nd to none. We have been continuously impressed as a real estate team to watch these guys move with technology and always deliver a great finishing product on time, highly recommend 👏
Derek stone (Director, Z Realty)
Arpan from Upload Media Services is an amazing person to deal with. I am so pleased with him, that is the reason why I continue working with him . I would always proudly recommend him to anyone.
Shivir Shrestha (Director, Wish Real Estate)
We have been using Upload Media for all our projects for our real-estate property photos/video and let me tell you, Arpan and Team are the guys you need on your side.
Prakash Sharma (licensee, Sapphire Estate Agents)
I always love to go back to them, its fun to work with them, friendly professional and always maintain the quality. Highly recommended!
Michael (Area manager, KFC)
Probably the best photography services in town! Arpan & team are extremely professional friendly and helpful!
Alex Boyadjian (Proprietor, Boycorp Construction)

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