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Professional Headshot Guidelines

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You have been booked for corporate headshot at our New southwest studio at Unit 1/42 Lancaster Street, Ingleburn.

We are excited to See you there. Best wishes and please acknowledge receipt of this email.

✔️ Please arrive 5 to 10 mins early if possible and let us know if you’re running late more than 15 mins.

✔️ Please come in full uniform/attire with shaving, hair & make-up done, as necessary. Light make-up is preferable.

✔️ Please note toilets/washroom & mirror facilities are available and location is disabled accessible.

✔️ Average time for Headshots is 15 to 30 mins per person.

✔️ We will do our best to take as many shots as possible and send you all to select the best ones.

✔️ The studio is in the Industrial area and there is lots of street parking and 1 parking lot (free to park anywhere) outside the building.

✔️ Please watch & follow these pose guidelines for professional headshots:



✔️ Link for the sample headshots:


✔️ Link for the sample Videos:


Tips for Professional Headshots

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1. Dress Professionally

✔️Wear appropriate attire for your industry and position

✔️Choose solid colors or subtle patterns that complement your complexion.

✔️Avoid flashy, distracting, or overly casual clothing.

2. Grooming

✔️Ensure your hair is clean and well-styled.

✔️Maintain a well-groomed beard or makeup, if applicable.

✔️Pay attention to facial hair, ensuring it’s neat and trimmed.

3. Lighting

✔️Natural light is ideal for headshots. Use diffused sunlight or shoot near a large window.

✔️Avoid harsh shadows or direct sunlight on your face.

✔️If using artificial lighting, use softboxes or diffusers to create even lighting.

4. Background

✔️Choose a simple and uncluttered background that doesn’t distract from your face.

✔️Common choices include plain walls, neutral office settings, or blurred natural backgrounds.

5. Pose and Expression

✔️Stand or sit up straight to convey confidence and professionalism.

✔️Maintain a relaxed and friendly expression with a subtle smile.

✔️Avoid overly exaggerated or forced expressions.

6. Framing and Composition

✔️Focus on your face and shoulders, with some room above your head.

✔️Ensure your face is the central point of the photo.

✔️Use the rule of thirds for composition.

7. Camera and Equipment

✔️Use a good quality camera, preferably a DSLR or a high-end smartphone.

✔️Invest in a tripod to ensure stability and consistency.

✔️If possible, hire a professional photographer for the best results.

8. Clothing and Accessories

✔️Wear minimal jewelry to avoid distractions.

✔️Glasses can be worn if they are a regular part of your professional look.

✔️Avoid clothing with logos, slogans, or distracting patterns.

9. Post-Processing

✔️Use photo editing software (e.g., Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop) to enhance the image.

✔️Adjust exposure, contrast, and color balance if necessary.

✔️Retouch minor blemishes or imperfections, but maintain a natural look.

10. Image Resolution and Format

✔️Ensure your headshot is high-resolution (at least 300 DPI) for crisp and clear details.

✔️Save the image in a standard format like JPEG or PNG for online use.

Client Tesimonials

What our clients says

Excellent service at affordable rates, Very reliable, attention to detail and on-time delivery means I can deliver on time. 👍👍
Zeth grant (Director, John B grant)
“The final product was great! I am very pleased with their professional service and quality photography. Highly recommended.”
Gavin Belcci (Director, Starr Partners)
Arpan and his team of photographers & videographers are 2nd to none. We have been continuously impressed as a real estate team to watch these guys move with technology and always deliver a great finishing product on time, highly recommend 👏
Derek stone (Director, Z Realty)
Arpan from Upload Media Services is an amazing person to deal with. I am so pleased with him, that is the reason why I continue working with him . I would always proudly recommend him to anyone.
Shivir Shrestha (Director, Wish Real Estate)
We have been using Upload Media for all our projects for our real-estate property photos/video and let me tell you, Arpan and Team are the guys you need on your side.
Prakash Sharma (licensee, Sapphire Estate Agents)
I always love to go back to them, its fun to work with them, friendly professional and always maintain the quality. Highly recommended!
Michael (Area manager, KFC)
Probably the best photography services in town! Arpan & team are extremely professional friendly and helpful!
Alex Boyadjian (Proprietor, Boycorp Construction)

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