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Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a specialized type of photography that involves capturing images from an elevated position, usually from an aircraft or drone. This technique has become increasingly popular over the years and is widely used in a variety of industries. In particular, aerial photography is useful for capturing images of new developments, land developments, and subdivisions.

When it comes to new developments and land subdivisions, aerial photography services can provide a wealth of benefits. For starters, aerial shots can capture the full extent of the development, including the boundaries and dimensions of each lot. This can be particularly useful for developers who want to showcase their projects to potential buyers or investors.

Drone aerial photography, in particular, has become a popular choice for capturing images of newer subdivisions or developments. Drones are smaller and more agile than traditional aircraft, making them ideal for capturing detailed images of smaller areas. In addition, drone aerial photography can be more cost-effective than traditional aerial photography, making it an attractive option for developers who want to keep their costs under control.

One of the key benefits of using aerial photography for land developments is that it allows developers to highlight specific areas of a block of land. For example, drone marking can be used to highlight the boundaries of each lot, making it easier for potential buyers to visualize the layout of the development. Aerial shots can also be used to highlight areas of interest, such as parks, playgrounds, or other amenities that might be included in the development.

In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of development, aerial photography can also be useful for marketing purposes. High-quality aerial shots can be used in marketing materials such as brochures, websites, and other promotional materials, helping to attract potential buyers and investors.

Overall, aerial photography is an invaluable tool for developers and builders working on new projects, land developments, and subdivisions. Whether you are looking to showcase the boundaries and dimensions of each lot, highlight specific areas of interest, or simply create stunning marketing materials, aerial photography is an effective and cost-efficient solution. So if you are working on a new development, consider investing in aerial photography services to help bring your project to life.

Areal Photography

Areal Photography

Arpan Jason Regmi
Arpan Jason Regmi

Areal Photoshot

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Excellent service at affordable rates, Very reliable, attention to detail and on-time delivery means I can deliver on time. πŸ‘πŸ‘
Zeth grant (Director, John B grant)
β€œThe final product was great! I am very pleased with their professional service and quality photography. Highly recommended.”
Gavin Belcci (Director, Starr Partners)
Arpan and his team of photographers & videographers are 2nd to none. We have been continuously impressed as a real estate team to watch these guys move with technology and always deliver a great finishing product on time, highly recommend πŸ‘
Derek stone (Director, Z Realty)
Arpan from Upload Media Services is an amazing person to deal with. I am so pleased with him, that is the reason why I continue working with him . I would always proudly recommend him to anyone.
Shivir Shrestha (Director, Wish Real Estate)
We have been using Upload Media for all our projects for our real-estate property photos/video and let me tell you, Arpan and Team are the guys you need on your side.
Prakash Sharma (licensee, Sapphire Estate Agents)
I always love to go back to them, its fun to work with them, friendly professional and always maintain the quality. Highly recommended!
Michael (Area manager, KFC)
Probably the best photography services in town! Arpan & team are extremely professional friendly and helpful!
Alex Boyadjian (Proprietor, Boycorp Construction)

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